The Art of Surgery

I undertook an art residency at Claremont Private Hospital, Sheffield from May to August 2014. In this time, I sat within the operating theatres drawing the surgical team at work. My interest in depicting this subject stems from my previous experience working within the operating theatre as a Surgical Care Practitioner and Senior Research Sister during my twenty year career in the NHS.For all the drawings, patients had given their consent for me to be present during their surgical procedures.

The operating theatre is a somewhat alien environment. Theatres have historically been away from public view and can even be an unfamiliar environment for other staff who work elsewhere in the hospital. However, with developments in anaesthesia, many patients now find themselves entering the operating theatre for surgery awake and aware of their surroundings. I hope that, depsite the vaguely unsettling surroundings of the operating theatre depicted, my drawings capture the very humane and warm people who come together to work within it for the common goal of patient care.

I have published a book of the entire collection of drawings (cover opposite). This, along with some of the originals drawings and prints, can be purchased by contacting me via my ‘Contacts’ page.

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Life Drawings and Portraits

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Pen Drawings

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